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Welcome to the world of Barizzi Holidays & Safaris, a realm of boundless exploration and unwavering relaxation

Swahili Bliss

Derived from the Swahili language, "Barizzi" encapsulates the essence of relaxation, fun, security, and carefree adventures

Passionate Curators

Established under the Kenyan Company’s Act Cap 486, we've been passionately curating experiences since our inception in December 2012, holding Certificate of Incorporation No: CPR/2012/90767

Worry-Free Journeys

Our philosophy is rooted in the Swahili saying "hakuna matata," symbolizing worry-free travel.
Join us on a journey where your dreams become reality, and each step is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


We Are Here to Help!

Expert Guidance, Stress-Free Travel

Barizzi Holidays & Safaris offers expert assistance for seamless journeys. Our team handles personalized travel solutions, visa assistance, and tailored safaris, turning your travel dreams into reality.

Reliable Support, Every Step

From start to finish, Barizzi’s exceptional service ensures you’re well-prepared and supported. We provide insights, handle logistics, and offer recommendations for a smooth adventure.

Why Choose Us?

We craft personalized packages that blend adventure, relaxation, and culture, ensuring every journey resonates with your desires.

Personalized Experiences tailored to you
Expertise: 30+ years' experience.
Seamless Planning: Stress-free execution.
Guidance & Support: Local knowledge.

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